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        1. About us
          About us

                YangZhou ShuangDing chem Co., Ltd. formerly known as YiZheng DingXin chem Co., Ltd. founded in 2002. Our company

                is located in the beautiful YangZi river bank.

                The company currently has two production bases, specialized in pesticide, pharmaceutical and functional chemical

                intermediates research and production.

                Focusing on the sales Benzonitrile series, Benzoic acid series, Benzyl alcohol series, Benzaldehyde series

                products etc. Such as custom service and to undertake foreign contract. Over the years become a stable supplier

                for customers at home and abroad.

                The quality detection aspect has the efficient and precise testing instrument. Some products have been certified

                by European REACH. The strict quality control system, all guarantee the product quality management system to run

                steadily. In order to achieve the enterprise safety, green and high quality development, our company has quality

                engineers, registered safety engineers several.

                Companies adhering to the "the trust,the best" of the enterprise purpose, adhere to the "quality is the essence of

                the victory, innovation is the source of enterprise" business philosophy, with high quality products and services

                to domestic and foreign users.



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