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        1. News and exhibition

          CPhI China in 2018

          On June 20-22, 2018, the 18th world pharmaceutical raw materials China exhibition was held in Shanghai new international exhibition center.After years of hard work, CPhI & p-mec China has become the best choice for excellent local enterprises to realize the dream of pharmaceutical China and open up an international road.In the exhibition held in 17 years, numerous enterprises with the aid of this platform into the harvest in succession,'s growing influence in the international market, has also emerged a large number of excellence of internationalization of enterprises.CPhI & P - MEC China, meanwhile, also comply with the industry development, in-depth industry chain layout, until now already contains active pharmaceutical ingredients, fine chemicals and intermediates, auxiliary materials and formulations, preparation, natural extracts, bio-pharmaceutical, contract custom, animal health, pharmaceutical machinery, packaging materials, laboratory equipment, pharmaceutical clean environmental protection, medicine, logistics, a total of 13 large plate, become the world's leading pharmaceutical industry vertical industry chain professional trade exchange event.

          CPhI & P - MEC China is not just a world famous pharmaceutical trade platform, now it is in Shanghai as the center, to shoulder to promote the development of Chinese pharmaceutical industry at home and abroad trade, information exchange, build a profound mission.











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