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        1. News and exhibition

          The spirit of contract starts with me

          This month, 200 enterprises in the circle were invited to participate in the integrity declaration activity initiated by the platform of YaoRong Circle, including YangZhou ShuangDing Chem co., LTD.
          Since its establishment 18 years ago, The company has been adhering to the enterprise purpose of "Be trust,Be Best" to serve the upstream and downstream of the chemical industry.
          This is just a declaration activity, but we regard it as a spirit of contract, a spirit of morality for Chinese chemical enterprises.
          It is not to join the declaration and abide by it, but to participate in the declaration only if no such act has ever happened.
          We also hope that more and more chemical enterprises will take part in this kind of declaration activities and make their own efforts for the virtuous circle of chemical industry's ecological chain!


          ▲ Announcement of  YaoRong Circle platform


          ▲ Our list NO.145


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