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        1. News and exhibition

          Congratulations to YangZhou DingLie basketball team won the sportsmanship style

          July 22nd, the sports bureau, the federation of trade unions, the city basketball association to undertake the yizheng city in 2016 "citizen CARDS cup" worker basketball league.

          And total attract 20 teams and more than 300 entrants, sponsored by YangZhou ShuangDing chemical co., LTD. And form a YangZhou DingLi basketball team in the game of sportsmanship style!

          More than a month, DingLie basketball team players fought tenaciously, unity cooperation, the friendship, the vitality, showing a good style.More embodies the spirit of a generation of chemical!


          Pregame warm-up


          With ShangHai Volkswagen(Five Factory) team in the game


          With ChengYou team in the game


             DingLie team




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