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          In recent years, there are many new concepts, such as sustainable development, corporate social responsibility, low-carbon economy, HSE (health, safety, environmental protection, such as)...Most enterprises due to the understanding of the name of the fuzzy, to be confused with responsible care, thought to be a thing of various definition.Even now some are pushing responsibility concern enterprise, its meaning is unclear.

          In fact, the responsibility to care and social responsibility, HSE both in theory and practice have certain difference.Compared with social responsibility, the responsibility of caring is specialized in chemical industry, has strict work rules system, its working content is semi-closed;Compared with HSE, responsibility, caring work vision both inside and outside walls, and with clear information release system, it is not only a concept, is also a system, including the content of the open at the same time, also don't.

          In fact, responsible care understanding should be followed: responsible for the care.This is exclusive of the chemical industry, is the safety of the product and its upstream and downstream chemicals may involve, environmental protection and health care;For chemical research and development, production, storage and transportation, use, waste and so on all the attention of the product life cycle;From direct contact with the staff to the surrounding community and all personnel related to the product of care;Have a standardized behavior and care;Become a common consciousness.Moreover, responsible care is not only a concept, more important is a set of actions.

          Implementation of responsible care is the only way for chemical enterprise survival and development, is unique to the chemical enterprise social responsibility for performance of a component, it is not only a cultural concept, it is more important is the enterprise self-discipline management system.At present, the promotion of responsible care reversed transmission atmosphere gradually formed, government departments pay close attention to, petrochemical association make greater efforts to push multinational companies actively promote, responsible care development prospect is very bright.

          As the first promotion of responsible care media, Shuang Ding chem with mission correct propaganda responsible care.As China's economic and social progress, in government, industry organizations, the media and enterprises to promote, responsible care will inevitably become the chemical industry including the chemical enterprise top priority and carried forward.

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